Highlight Token 670B

Highlight token uses blockchain technology and is the solution for decentralization and disruption of Energy system!

  • Buy and sell your clean energy any where in the world!
  • Fast, clean and profitable.
  • App Eco-Friendly points.
  • Solar Plants installations.

Reasons why you should buy HLX Tokens.


Contribution to the balance of nature and the future of humanity.

Payments worldwide, No borders, fast transactions, low fees.

You can be an Eco station and make money for your extra energy!

Highlight is gain value every day! From 0.005 up to 0.094 USD.


Inovation and Freedom

The EcoGrid platform will allow renewable energy producers to index and sell the energy they produce freely. A renewable energy prosumer connected on the platform, using the energy tokens to market its energy within the platform worldwide.

Demand and profitability

It is expected that in 5 years, at least 50% of the vehicles in use will be electric, and as we know the EVs will need eco-stations of supply, which today practically do not exist. Our team detected such a demand and quickly started producing an application to map the mesh of existing eco-stations and through the Waze or google maps applications, guide the owner of those vehicles where to locate such eco-station. Through our app system, anyone can become an Eco-Station.

Solar Power Plants

The implementation and development of a network of solar generation plants throug photovoltaic panels, which will be implemented in the target states and countries of the present project, which generated energy will have as scope the guarantee of renewable and green energy supply for the decentralized energy platform to be used in homes, businesses and industry and the guarantee of green power supply for EV electric vehicles in all places where the platform is active.


Token Distribuition

  • Project development
  • Founders
  • Development team
  • Founders partners




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