Las conversiones de coches clásicos en vehículos 100% eléctricos están en boga en los últimos tiempos. Debido a las cada vez mayores restricciones por contaminación de algunas ciudades, así como el interesante aporte prestacional de este tipo de motores, muchos aficionados e incluso algunas[...] Read more
The novel molecule can function both as a photocatalyst to produce fuel and in solar cells to produce electricity, replacing the expensive and rare metals in use today. Scientists are looking at some of the most unlikely sources for energy production, partly motivated by academic and research[...] Read more
COMMUNITIES living near 250 acres of land earmarked for a solar power farm are being invited to have their say on the proposed development. Lightsource BP has announced its intention to use thousands of solar panels to provide clean energy for 13,000 homes with a new site at Thorpe Larches,[...] Read more
Feature, below is a rundown of notable solar energy news — notable changes or findings in the solar industry — during the month of November. Most importantly, of course, CleanTechnica launched a new Clean Revolution political campaign to help get cleantech leaders elected to political[...] Read more
Module efficiency was the first cost saver, economies of scale were the second. Solar panels are cheap and getting cheaper. A recent study found that the cost per kilowatt-hour of solar has fallen below coal and gas. Even a recent US tariff on Chinese solar cells and modules (the components that[...] Read more
The general rule when developing a new kind of solar technology is to expect progress to be slow. Take silicon solar cells, the most ubiquitous and recognizable form of photovoltaic generations today. When silicon panels were first built in the early 1950s, they could only turn about 6 percent[...] Read more